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Essential training guaranteed to enhance your leadership skills … provide solutions for your most challenging issues … and give you the real-world techniques you need for management success today.

A unique Opportunity guaranteed to boost the Effectiveness of Managers and Supervisors at all levels

Location: Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi
Duration: 2 Days
Event Date: 10 Nov 2016 to 11 Nov 2016
Your Investment: Ksh. 42,500 + VAT Per Participant / $500 USD

Good ideas do not always get the attention that they deserve. Frequently, badly organized, wordy reports tend to hide important information, and the important messages are lost. The course is designed for anyone who produces reports and needs them to be understood and acted upon.

Location: Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya
Duration: 2 Days
Event Date: 11 Aug 2016 to 12 Aug 2016
Your Investment: Ksh. 42,500 + VAT Per Participant / $500 USD

As organizations become more flat and less hierarchical, teamworking is quickly becoming the preferred practice in many firms today. Since teams by necessity involve people with different background and talents, effective team work involves a variety of management, facilitation and communications skills. It also requires team members to collaborate with each other.

The purpose of this program is to explore some key elements needed in good team building, and to provide participants with the skills and techniques required to both lead and contribute to good team work. Skills learnt in this program will help participants build their own teams at the workplace.

Location: Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya
Duration: 1 Day
Event Date: 8 Jul 2016
Your Investment: Ksh. 22,500 Exclusive of VAT Per Participant