Careers at Maxsmith

Maxsmith Group was started with strong values as its foundation and this continues as the driving philosophy till date.

The Maxsmith team is a group of exceptionally talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and interests.

The common thread, however, is our passion for what we do, our commitment to our clients, our entrepreneurial spirit and our focus on results.

Career progression at Maxsmith is designed to balance an individual's aspirations and attitudes with their competencies and performance in their assigned roles. We believe in a strict system of merit and performance. We monitor performance regularly through our competency-based appraisal system and also highlight key development areas for each individual.

While we give appropriate consideration to an individual's qualification and track record, we place extra emphasis on recruiting people with integrity, passion, attitude, values, an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to make a difference.

If you are excited by what we do, are passionate about making a difference and believe that MaxSmith is the place for you, then write to us at careers(at)