A Few Secrets Behind Making Goals and Sticking to Them!

Date Posted: 
6 November 2014 - 8:00pm

By Mikaela Schaefer: 

Goals - we all have them! Here are few secrets to help you get clarity for what you want to achieve, wisdom for how you are going to get there, and motivation to actually make it happen!

Cash Management Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Date Posted: 
6 November 2014 - 7:15pm

By Jeffrey Cotugno: 

Cash flow is one of the most important elements in any business. Having cash in the bank not only provides you with peace of mind, but ensures you have cash in the bank to grow your business to the next level.

How to Get Past Your Fear to Deal With Your Trauma Issues

Date Posted: 
5 November 2014 - 10:15am

By Lore Earley: 

Trauma can result from many different things and your way of dealing with your trauma is to attempt to bury the feelings, the memories, and the thoughts in hopes that they will go away. The problem is that trauma never goes away on its own. It festers inside of you and runs your life. What has avoidance cost you, and what if you could "get over" your trauma quickly, without re-hashing what happened over and over again?

6 Essentials For BETTER Leadership

Date Posted: 
4 November 2014 - 8:15pm

By Richard Brody: 

Nearly every individual I have ever observed ascending to any position of leadership, proclaims how he intends to do all he can, and to become a BETTER and more significant leader. In my over three decades of identifying, qualifying, training, and consulting to well over a thousand individuals in either positions of leadership or potentially assuming these, I have come to realize that the best leaders are not merely the most skilled and willing, but those that strive to consistently improve and do more in a better, more impactful and meaningful manner. This attempt is often a challenging one, because...

Leaders Don't Stop At The Decision - They Ensure Success

Date Posted: 
3 November 2014 - 12:45pm

By Kevin Dee: 

Too often leaders think that just because a decision has been made that their job is done. Great leaders stay very involved, to ensure the success of the project!

Is Courage The Secret to Getting Everything You Want?

Date Posted: 
3 November 2014 - 11:45am

By Aslam Cheval: 

Going out into the world and demanding it gives you everything you want takes one thing: courage. Courage is all about that attitude and confidence that seems to come naturally to some people while remaining scary and elusive to others. The courage to get out there and take what's rightfully yours, what you deserve, is something that you just can't learn-or can you?

Living in the Moment: Mindfulness in Business Teams

Date Posted: 
1 November 2014 - 5:30pm

By Chaz Bartelt: 

"Mindfulness" is rarely heard of in management until recently. It is based upon Buddhist practices. Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose.

Are You Hiring Like A Billionaire?

Date Posted: 
31 October 2014 - 9:15pm

by Darwin Redshield: 

A business owner or leader will often need to hire new talent to join their staff and may ask, what is the best way to make this type of hiring decision? Why not ask a billionaire and the CEO of one of the biggest companies on earth?

Our Greatest Weakness Lies in Quitting

Date Posted: 
30 October 2014 - 9:00pm

By Aslam Cheval: 

Giving up is the worst thing in life. Hope is the stuff that fuels life. Just like a vehicle can not take you anywhere without fuel, our lives end up being entirely pointless, aimless, and directionless without hope. As such, this piece checks out some ideas on the best ways to stay motivated without quitting. In this article, examples of males and females who refused to quit and ones who continued up until they achieved groundbreaking success are gone over.

Living Above the Line or How to Live Life Without Making Excuses

Date Posted: 
30 October 2014 - 7:45pm

By Glen E Klassen: 

To live a life of success requires being accountable for the outcomes in our life. This article emphasizes the qualities required to live above the line and achieve the success you want.

3 Signs You're Not Managing Yourself Effectively (and How to Fix It)

Date Posted: 
29 October 2014 - 10:00am

By Jonathan Bissell: 

Effective leaders pay attention to how well they're managing themselves, because they know that when the first car in the train gets derailed, it's not long before the entire train jumps off the tracks. Learn the 3 signs that you're not managing yourself effectively (and how to fix it).

The Addiction of Turning Ideas Into Reality

Date Posted: 
29 October 2014 - 9:30am

By Laura Borland

How many ideas do you have a day? Now... A curious question - I wonder how many of them you have actually created and made real?

The Master Mind And The Minion Mind

Date Posted: 
27 October 2014 - 10:00pm

By Joshua Clayton

A great genuine leader of themselves or others never goes by appearances, but the small minion mind that follows everything else is. With that I begin this article.

Self-Imposed Limitations and Success

Date Posted: 
25 October 2014 - 9:00pm

By Jaime Kulaga: 

When you feel that something big is about to break for you, and then it doesn't, you have held yourself back in some capacity. Just because you think positive doesn't mean you will keep moving up. In addition to having a great attitude, you have to use critical thinking to get around self-imposed limitations and you have to have the confidence to break through that barrier. If you ever hear yourself saying, that you should never try something again that you once failed at, you have set a self-imposed limitation. If you ever hear yourself saying, "no one I know has ever been able to do that" you have set a limitation for yourself. This type of thinking sets a limitation to your mind.

You Have to Believe in Yourself and Make Your Dreams Come True

Date Posted: 
25 October 2014 - 6:15pm

By Aslam Cheval: 

You tackle your method, trying to make your dreams take place, when unexpectedly you find yourself remembering previous errors and failures that end up pulling you down. Simply when you believed you are entirely over that grim part of your life, nasty issues from years back would find their way to slap you in the face and make you feel pointless. When this occurs, rising back from your fall and going onward might look like the toughest thing to do.